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Noguchi at the Crossroad of the Century
posted: 12-20-10
The list of artists who collaborated with sculptor Isamu Noguchi is long and impressive: Brancusi, Kahlo, Gorky, Graham, Cunningham, Ernst, Duchamp and many, many more. A new exhibit at New York's Noguchi Museum examines his life and origins as an artist in the context of his relationships with his ...more

Susan Philipsz and the Non-Hidden Noise
posted: 12-07-10
The description of Turner Prize winner Susan Philipsz as a "sound artist" is raising eyebrows among theoreticians who recall Marcel Duchamp's long shadow at the nexus between the ear and the retina -- which is to say, on the conceptual plane. Like Duchamp, Philipsz is a conceptual artist w ...more

Hanno Otten at JAGR
posted: 12-01-10

Covering the Walls with History
posted: 11-29-10
An ongoing exhibit of wallpaper in Lausanne highlights a provocative design by Swiss artist Rudolf Herz: alternating portraits of Marcel Duchamp and Adolf Hitler, both photographed by Heinrich Hoffmann. The wallpaper, called Zugzwang -- a forced move in chess -- has prompted comparisons between the ...more

"Pimping" the Fountain
posted: 11-24-10
Texas sculptor Anthony Thompson Shumate has created a series of objects named after -- and arguably inspired by -- the eternal phrases often recited to artists in lieu of criticism or conventional wisdom. The "pimped out" urinal on display (to use the Houston Press critic's phrase) at the ...more

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