Duchamp and contemporary art(ists)

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Posted by Thomas Girst on July 20, 20100 at 09:18:12:

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Dear Noni,

if you're in NYC feel free to stop by and do your research at the Art Science
Research laboratory which houses Duchamp's biggest private Duchamp collection

Also: check out www.toutfait.com, the Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal
for lots of scholarly articles and references that will help your research.

Duchamp's influence on contemporary art is huge. Johns, Oldenburg,
Rauschenberg, Richter, Beuys, etc. owe him greatly (plus all those
appropriation artists like Bidlo, Levine, Sturtevant and even Koons). There's
lots of literature on this. Here's two recommendations:

Pierre Cabanne, "Duchamp & Co.", Terrail: Paris 1997

Francis Naumann, "Apropos of Marcel", exh. cat., Curt Marcus Gallery, NY,
8-30 October 1999

Both English publications should be easily available via amazon, the phone
number of the gallery is 212 226 3200. Both books extensively deal with the
subject matter you're interested in. Good luck, Thomas Girst

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