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Hans Richter, Marcel Duchamp, and Richard Huelsenbeck
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Posted: 09-21-11
Richard Hamilton, Self Portrait with Yellow, 1998
Richard Hamilton, who helped invent pop art in Britain, passed away a week from today, on Sept 13, 2011.
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Posted: 09-20-11
Nathan Oliveira, Figure With Arm Up, 2010
on view at the John Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco
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Posted: 09-13-11
Man Ray -- Louis Aragon, 1925
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Posted: 09-07-11
A surprising painting by Francis Picabia from 1935 called Portrait of a Woman
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Posted: 09-06-11
Marcel Duchamp, Portrait of the Artist's Father, 1910
Posted by Maria Goldverg
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Posted: 09-03-11
Erased Duchamp, Mark Roth, 2006
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Posted: 08-31-11
Urinal Art, by Trevor Brown
Confusingly from "The Ladies Room," The Toilet Museum.
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Posted: 08-30-11
Prada Store, Marfa, Texas
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Posted: 08-29-11
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