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  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Home to the world's most important collection of Duchamp's work
  • Centre National d'Art et Culture Georges Pompidou:
    The Paris museum of modern and contemporary art that houses works by Duchamp
  • Biblioth?ue Kandinsky
    Document and research centre of the Centre Pompidou
  • Dadabase
    Online Catalog of The Museum of Modern Art Library, Archives and Study Centers
  • Department of Fine Art at University of Toronto
    Includes list of art and Art History resources
  • Fine Arts Department, Okanagan University College
    Contains departmental information, image galleries, and a list of online art resources
  • Tate
    Home site to Tate Organizations in UK
  • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
    Consisting five Galleries in Edinburgh and two partner galleries in the North and South of Scotland
  • The Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB)
    Supporting highest quality research and postgraduate training in the arts and humanities
  • Edward James Foundation, West Dean College
    Postgraduate study in conservation-restoration and visual and applied arts
  • Whitworth Art Gallery
    The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, north west England, is home to an impressive range of watercolours, prints, drawings, modern art and sculpture, as well as the largest collections of textiles and wallpapers outside London
  • Mary Louise Reynolds Collection
    A wealth of resource including Dada and Surrealism documents, essays, and links in the Mary Reynolds Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago
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  • The Richard Mutt Case: Looking For Marcel Duchamp's Fountain
    An essay by Michael Betancourt
  • Fresh Widow 3000 / Encounter with Marcel Duchamp
    A multi-media website that features original art, music, poetry as well as the work of Duchamp with images, audio files, resources, and links
  • Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp

  • An interactive journey through the art and ideas of Marcel Duchamp
  • Marcel Duchamp Mated
    Focuses on Duchamp with a good list of links, books, and videos on the artist
  • Through the Large Glass
    An installation of computer generated work based on Duchamp's The Large Glass
  • Marcel Duchamp Online, en francais:
    A comprehensive French website about the life and art of Marcel Duchamp. Includes a link list of 50 Duchamp sites
  • Aquadelia *01 Marcel Duchamp
    Discusses the first exhibition of Duchamp's Rotoreliefs and simulates their visual effect with animated representations
  • Art Minimal & Conceptual Only
    Features the work of minimalist and conceptual artists with images, interviews, and essays
  • Shocking: L.H.O.O.Q.
    Considers the life and art of Duchamp in relation to the Dada movement
  • The Elegant Pisser: Fountain by R. Mutt
    An essay by Max Podstolskii that explores the impact of Duchamp's Fountain on the development of 20th century art
  • Duchamp's Hidden Noise: A Lifelong Flirtation with Fame
    In this article from The Idler web periodical, Alice Goldfarb Marquis investigates the shaping of Duchamp's public image
  • Marcel Duchamp: Exhibition Proposal
    By Francis M. Naumann
  • Revamp Duchamp
  • Dada Without Duchamp / Duchamp Without Dada
    A well documented article by professor Marjorie Perloff of SUNY-Buffalo
  • Zumbazone
    Marcel Duchamp en fran?is sur le web
  • Marcel Duchamp Chronology
    Chronologically rendered for sites providing information on works and images by Duchamp
  • Walker Art Center Online Archive
    Audio Recordings from the Walker Art Center Archives including Duchamp interviews
  • Wikipedia: Marcel Duchamp
    Information on Duchamp with links provided by the free encyclopedia
  • American Museum of Beat Art: Marcel Duchamp
    Biography of Duchamp and links to images
  • Art Minimal & Conceptual Only: Marcel Duchamp
    Includes an essay on "The Creative Act" and images by Duchamp
  • Artchive: Marcel Duchamp
    Includes critiques, literary resources, and links to artwork images by the French Dadaist
  • AskART: Marcel Duchamp
    Lists museum holdings, artwork samples, publications, and career highlights
  • Geek Fanatique: Marcel Duchamp
    Explores the twelve optical discs, Rotoreliefs, created by Duchamp for an inventor's fair in Paris during 1949
  • Guggenheim Collection: Marcel Duchamp
    Includes a biography and three abstract paintings Duchamp
  • Humanities Web: Marcel Duchamp
    Contains a photo portrait, a chronology, a quote, key works, and recommended reading about Duchamp
  • Olga's Gallery: Marcel Duchamp
    Contains a biography, a bibliography, and 28 images of paintings and installations by the artist
  • UbuWEb Sound Poetry: Marcel Duchamp
    Audio files from "Music of Marcel Duchamp" and a comprehensive review of conceptual works of music created by the artist
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  • Dada and dadaism
    History of Dada, bibliography of dadaism, distribution of Dada documents
  • International Dada Archive
    The gateway to the International Dada Archive of the University of Iowa Libraries. A great resource for information about artists and writers of the Dada movement
  • DaDa Online
    A source for information about the art, literature and development of the European Dada movement
  • Small Time
    Neumerz Dada Society in Chicago
  • Mital-U
    Dada-Situationist, an independent record-label for individual music
  • Tristan Tzara on Dadaism
    Excerpts from "Dada Manifesto" [1918] and "Lecture on Dada" [1922]
  • Dadart
    The site provides information about history of Dada movement, artists, and an bibliography
  • Cut and Paste
    The art of photomontages, including works by Heartfield, H?h, Hausmann and Schwitters
  • John Heartfield
    The life and work of the photomontage artist
  • Hannah Hoch
    A collection of photo montages created by Hannah Hoch
  • Women Artists--Dada and Surrealism
    An excerpted chapter from Margaret Barlow's illustrated book Women Artists
  • Helios
    A beginner's guide to Dada
  • Merzheft
    German Dada, in German
  • Dada and Surrealist Film
    A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library
  • La Typographie Dada
    D.E.A. memoir in French by Breuil Eddie
  • New York Avant-Garde, 1913-1929
    New York Dada and the Armory Show including images and bibliography
  • Excentriques
    A biography of Arthur Cravan in French
  • Tristan Tzara, a Biography
    Excerpt from Franis Buot's biography of Tzara, L’homme qui inventa la R?olution Dada
  • Tristan Tzara
    A selection of links on Tzara, founder of the Dada movement
  • Mina Loy's lunar odyssey
    An online collection of Mina Loy's life and work
  • Erik Satie
    The homepage of Satie
  • 391
    Experimental art inspired by Picabia's Dada periodical 391, with articles on Picabia, Duchamp, Ball and others
  • Man Ray
    Internet site officially authorized by the Man Ray Trust to offer reproductions of the Man Ray artworks
  • Fresh Widow 3000 / Encounter with Marcel Duchamp
    A multi-media website that features unpublished art, music, poetry as well as the work of Duchamp with images, audio files, resources, and links.
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  • Papers of Surrealism
    Online journal centering in Surrealism
  • The AHRB Research Centre for Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies
    A three-way partnership of art historians and literary specialists at the University of Essex and the University of Manchester, and curators and conservators at Tate with specialist skills in this field
  • Homage to Apollinaire
    Homage to Apollinaire, the poet who inspired a remarkable number and variety of modern artworks
  • Roland Penrose
    A site devoted to the English Surrealist painter and poet
  • Lee Miller Archive
    A privately run archive dedicated to conserving and publishing the work of Lee Miller
  • Bruehl
    Max Ernst Bibliothek in Br?l, Germany
  • Triplov
    Online Surrealism journal in Portugal
  • Psrabel
    Surrealism in Germany
  • Infosurr
    Surrealism and its environs, Paris archives
  • Nederland
    Surrealisme in Nederland
  • Surrealisme
    Dutch Surrealism
  • The Impossible
    Serbian Surrealism
  • Surreal
    Grupo Surrealista de Cantabria in Spain
  • Counterclockwise
    The Surrealist Group of Wisconsin
  • Magneticfields
    Surrealists in Minnesota
    A collection of works by the Portland Surrealist Group
  • Upland Trout
    Surrealism in England
  • SURR
    Le Groupe De Paris Du Movement Surrealiste
  • Surrealist Movement-USA
    The Surrealist Movement in the United States based in Chicago
  • Female Surrealistes
    Information on surrealism & female Surrealistes
  • Catalina Chervin
    Latin American Surrealist Artist
  • Surreal
    Resource on early surrealist writers and artists
  • Wolfgang Paalen Archive
    A collection of materials about the Austrian born artist and thinker Wolfgang Paalen
    A Dutch Surrealist
    The Most extensive site dedicated to Matta
    The site provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the life and work of Man Ray
    The Hungry Flower Women & Surrealism
  • Surrealism, Alchemy and the Northern Renaissance
    An essay by S. Lee Hager
  • Dal?
    The official site of Salvador Dal?
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  • Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
    An international organization that promotes the intersection of art and science via a monthly info-listing, exhibitions, international symposia, and public projects
  • College Art Association
    The national organization of scholars and students which promotes excellence in the study and teaching of Art History and criticism
  • The Art History Network
    A one stop resource for Art History, Archaeology and Architecture resources on the web
  • Artcyclopedia
    A search engine to hundreds of art museum sites and image archives worldwide
  • ArtLex
    A visual arts dictionary of more than 3,000 terms, along with many images and links to other online art resources
  • Art History Resources on the Web
    Prof. Chris Witcombe's extensive list of online resources for all periods of Art History
  • Mark Harden's Artchive
    An index of artists, museums, and criticism that combines over 200 artist bios with more than 2,000 images and many links
  • Department of Fine Art at University of Toronto
    includes list of art and Art History resources
  • Fine Arts Department, Okanagan University College
    Contains departmental information, image galleries, and a list of online art resources
  • Art History with Michelli
    The online supplement to Pippin Michelli's course in Art History. Contains the "Art History Browser" of online art resources
  • Piero Scaruffi's Art Page
    An archive of important painters and museums with related links
  • Artpool
    a nonprofit research center in Hungary that follows interesting art experiments and promotes Artistic communication. Has a good Duchamp link list
  • Intertwining the Two Cultures in the Year Two Thousand
    Ken Stage evaluates the relationship between the art and science
  • John Mullens?Art Pages at Marshall University
    Contains over 30 links to Art and Art History related sites
  • World Wide Arts Resources
    The largest gateway to arts Information
    An image listing service connecting buyers and sellers of art by email. Special features include A Monthly Featured Art GiveAway, Links Library, Bulletin Board and a Back Room where you can collect your favorite works of art. You'll see art listed by artists, galleries and dealers as well as those collectors who are looking to buy and sell paintings, sculpture, prints and more
  • dART- The Internet Art Database
    Find art from thousands of web sites
  • All about Johannes Vermeer
  • The History Journals Guide
    An international directory for journals and discussion lists in the fields of history and archaeology
  • DutchESS
    Dutch Electronic Subject Service, a Dutch national subject gateway aimed at the academic community, is selected and classified according to the Nederlandse Basisclassificatie (Dutch Basic Classification)
  • The Humbul Humanities Hub
    The UK higher and further education's first choice for accessing online humanities resources
  • Wikipedia: Armory Show
    Information on the Armory Show of 1913 provided by the free encyclopedia
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  • Contemporary Art at Ablot
    Contemporary Abstract Paintings, original Acrylic canvases by Tim Seaward
  • Visit the Art of Leon Engelen
    Photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques
  • Intertwining the Two Cultures in the Year Two Thousand
    Ken Stage evaluates the relationship between the art and science
  • Walter Redinger
    Online showcase of the sculptor, recipient of the Pollok-Krasner grant
  • The Official Site of Roland Topor
    Traces of Ana Medieta
  • Collage Art
    Photomontage artists on the Internet
  • Jan van der Donk
    Catalogue of rare avant-garde books, periodicals and varia on architecture, art, drawings and photography
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  • Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal-
  • September 11 2001 History Magazine-
  • Stephen Jay Gould Archive -
  • WTC Living History Project -
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