Help Us, Help Scholars

Help Us, Help Scholars

Art Science Research Laboratory (ASRL), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is committed to the creation of intellectual environment and advocacy of interdisciplinary study, encompassing the areas of research, collections and publishing. The extensive array of concerns ASRL undertakes–including Marcel Duchamp Studies, Journalism and Ethics, September 11 2001 Living History, Stephen Jay Gould Digital Archive, Mondrian Manuscript Archive, Alexandria Library Project, and cyberBOOK+ System–correlate to one another based on the objectives we look to accomplish, and the methodologies commonly practiced by scholars in the arts, science and the humanities. Hands-on exercise and critical thinking are the fundamental tactics used to achieve our goals. Ultimately, ASRL looks forward to building special study models for analysis and interpretation to promote and facilitate a fast, thorough, and efficient global exchange of knowledge and understanding.



Why you should help out

A strictly not-for-profit organization, ASRL’s team of talented professional historians, journalists, computer artists, programmers and designers daily work side by side in our unique setting. There has been an attrition of scholarly rigor and accuracy in many fields over the years. We are committed, through the power of the Internet, with its permanence and ubuiquity, to invoking much needed critical thinking as an alternative to those conventional practices.A concentration on exploring primary resources and in-depth research has helped us accomplish substantial projects that in turn have evoked public awareness of misinformation and rectitude. To continue our commitment, we rely on the kind support of individuals and foundations.

How can I support ASRL? What do I gain by helping out?

You can support us by contributing to any project within ASRL that especially interests you. Your donations will provide the funding necessary to sustain this established academic organization, which will enable scholars and laypeople to engage in the interdisciplinary studies of Art, Science, and Humanities.Your contributions to ASRL permit us to continue by supporting, for example:

  • Constant updates on current progress of our research projects
  • Inclusion of full-color illustrations and photos on our online publications
  • Animation and video clips (when applicable) by ASRL’s authors and our staff computer artist
  • Unlimited content length, from a paragaph to book scale
  • Easy search throughout vast journal information
  • A conduit for scholars, students and artists to disseminate the results of their studies, thereby enriching society’s critical thinking