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First Class Portraits
Robert Delford Brown, Collaboration with Joseph Cornell, 1968. From the artist book, First Class Portraits. Partially Destroyed Polaroid Self-Portrait by Joseph Cornell and R. D. Brown
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Posted: 09-22-08
Duchamp in the Garden With Love
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Posted: 09-23-08
Marcel Duchamp, Collection of the Honorable Joseph P. Carroll
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Posted: 09-29-08
Rototoreliefs:reproduction/ reconstruction
Marcel Duchamp, 1955 2001 Succession Marcel Duchamp, ARS, N.Y. / ADAGP, Paris.
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Posted: 09-25-08
A note from The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors Even (The Green Box)
Marcel Duchamp, 1934
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Posted: 10-02-08
Marcel Duchamp, 1911. Oil on canvas, The Philadelphia Museum of Art
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Posted: 10-01-08
Marcel Duchmap Opposition and Sister Squares are Reconciled 1932
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Posted: 02-20-09
Rene Clair, Entr'acte
Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp play chess.
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Posted: 03-02-10
Rectified readymade with hand-coloring; 1945 (after the original readymade of 1914),
Posted: 04-29-10
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