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Duchamp’s friend, John Cage, Celebrated

Author : marcelduchamp_admin John Cage is featured at Exhibition by Carl Solway, (Credit, City Beat /Photo by Akira Kinoshita) Image Source

Steven Rosen, City Beat, writes that Carl Solway, recently celebrated his 50th year as a "gallerist" in Cincinnati.  Solway spoke to arts enthusiasts at Hamilton’s Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park about "the milestone" of his new exhibition on Marcel Duchamp’s friend, John Cage.

Rosen explained that John Cage’s "partner, choreographer Merce Cunningham" …"adapted that freethinking outlook for dance. And their friend Robert Rauschenberg, creator of the great “combines” — paintings and sculpture — of the ’50s and early ’60s, took it into the realm of American visual art. The City Beat article continues: "The European Dadaist Marcel Duchamp had experimented with everyday objects much earlier."