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New York Art Thief Apprehended
posted: 11-23-10
A New York City chauffeur has been convicted of stealing more than $3 millino in art and other possessions from an elderly poet and Pulitzer heir. James Biear stole artwork including Duchamp's playing card "Mona Lisa," Francis Picabia's portrait of Jean Cocteau and Andy Warhol's ketchup-in ...more

Duchampian Alchemy in New Jersey
posted: 11-22-10
A 3,000-square-foot rural New Jersey house has become what the owner/decorator considers "the museum of the new alchemy" due to its many Duchampian flourishes: found objects as trim, readymade sculpture and even ironic plumbing. The architect attributes his inspiration to Beatrice Wood, &q ...more

The Aesthetics of Chance
posted: 11-18-10
The Prague Post has a glowing review of Hebert Molderings' new study of the impact of random encounters on Duchamp's artistic production, Duchamp and the Aesthetics of Chance. While the review begins with a salute to the again-ubiquitous urinal, it quickly drills down into the deeper implications of ...more

Hiroshi Sugimoto Pays Electric Tribute
posted: 11-16-10
Mr. Sugimoto, best known as a photographer, has assembled various "assisted" readymades that combine his love of Marcel Duchamp's career with electricity. The rest is a collection of "bachelor machines" that dazzle, intrigue and even startle from time to time. These wheels not on ...more

"Mustached Mona Lisa" Sells at Christie's
posted: 11-12-10
No. 21 of a limited edition of 35 copies of L.H.O.O.Q. sold recently at Christie's in New York for $452,000, roughly five times as much as the auction house expected. The image -- hand-doodled by the artist on an existing mass-market reproduction -- comes from the collection of Robert Shapazian, whi ...more

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