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Sotheby's Selling a Man Ray Original
posted: 11-10-10
Next Friday, an auction of rare photographs in the Paris Sotheby's includes a treat for Marcel Duchamp fans: an original portrait of the artist by lifelong collaborator Man Ray, consigned by the Duchamp family itself. The item, bearing Ray's original Parisian stamp, is expected to fetch bids in the ...more

Hide/Seek, Rrose Selavy?
posted: 11-05-10
A new exhibition at Washington's National Portrait Gallery, "Hide/Seek," surveys homoerotic art and, by extension, the signs of transgressive sexuality hidden in apparently heteronormative portraiture. As such, the inclusion of a transvestite portrait of Marcel Duchamp by lifelong friend M ...more

Erwin Wurm, Meet Mr. Mutt
posted: 11-04-10
While arguably not "retinal" art in a conventional sense, the abstractly absurdist sculpture of Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has few explicit points of contact with the rarefied concepts and anti-reification of much contemporary Duchamp scholarship. Wurm's appropriation of the famous Fountai ...more

Duchamp: First of the Napster Generation?
posted: 11-03-10
The Web makes nearly all of us digital pirates whether we try to avoid appropriating copy-protected material or not. Every Youtube video that makes use of pre-existing footage, every snippet of pre-recorded sound, every famous image clipped and copied into a blog is fraught with both legal and metap ...more

Back to the Chess Game . . . Down Under
posted: 10-28-10
The Bendigo Art Gallery, located near suburban Melbourne, is hosting both the global Art of Chess exhibition and a special Australia-oriented show spotlighting local artists' interactions with the game that famously distracted Marcel Duchamp from the art world . . . and drove him to cross the world ...more

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