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Melancholia and the Bachelors Even
posted: 09-20-10
Critic Gabriel Josipovici is making a few waves by drawing what some call a "bravura" link between Dürer’s Melancholia and Duchamp's Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even. But how? For the answers, as yet, one must read his latest book, but the shared presence of so-called ...more

Sculpture for Traveling
posted: 09-15-10
The Sculpture for Traveling, Duchamp's 1918 camera-composed "sculpture," has received new attention recently thanks to the New York Museum of Modern Art's "The Original Copy: Photography of Sculpture" retrospective. Over and above the Duchampian questions of what constitutes the ...more

Duchamp at El Bulli
posted: 09-09-10
Marcel and Teeny Duchamp were privileged -- or maybe the balance of honor swings the other way around -- to eat the "deconstructed cuisine" at noted restaurant El Bulli. If Duchamp pioneered an art that lurks beyond the "retinal," then Ferran Adria arguably explores a cuisine tha ...more

Duchamp and the Mandarins
posted: 09-08-10
A special exhibition at the Israel Museum juxtaposes Duchamp's "Waistcoat for Benjamin Peret" with embroidered Chinese mandarin robes as part of an interrogation of the cultural determination of art. If a "readymade" garment is art, then does that aura translate? ...more

Saying the Least about Marcel Duchamp
posted: 09-07-10
One of the most extraordinary online essays on the subject of Duchamp -- in or outside the precincts of -- is Yakov Rabinovich's "Duchamp: To Say the Least." From silent comedy to the arch negations of Voltaire (and wheeling back again), this study of how Duchamp's career inte ...more

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