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Duchamp DIY Paris
posted: 09-06-10
As a motto, "do it yourself" covers models of production ranging from the arts & crafts movement to IKEA, and from the Sex Pistols to Marcel Duchamp's readymades. The flagship DIY store in France, BHV, is paying tribute to the readymade aesthetic -- "assisted" and otherwise - ...more

Witch's Cradle Returns to Brooklyn
posted: 09-03-10
Marcel Duchamp was a seminal figure in the avant-garde film world for decades. In 1943, he appeared in a rarely seen short directed by Maya Deren in connection with the Guggenheim "Art of the Century" exhibit. After too long unscreened, this footage -- along with other experimental films o ...more

Peggy Guggenheim, the Movie?
posted: 09-01-10
A feature film about the life of Peggy Guggenheim, legendary modern art collector, patron and friend of Marcel Duchamp -- not to mention one-time bride of Max Ernst -- is moving into the development stage. Eleanor Cayre is onboard to lead the project through its early phases along with award-winning ...more

Deconstructing Duchamp
posted: 08-26-10
The popular show "Seduction of Duchamp" is coming to the Museums of Los Gatos. While many exhibitions inadvertently become a showcase of Duchamp tributes and swipes, this one wears its influence proudly. Chess demonstrations, lectures and other events add to the ambience. ...more

Reassembling the Readymade
posted: 08-24-10
Chinese artist Zhou Wendou has made his name breaking down barriers between the mass object and the art object, or between the useful and the useless. The Duchampian slant of his aesthetic is on display -- or rather, not on display -- in his recent untitled demolition of a copy of the Fountain and r ...more

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