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Bearded Ladies of Minnesota
posted: 08-23-10
A recent benefit gala for the Minnesota Institute of Art featured a circus theme and such diversions as bearded ladies on display and a "wheel of dada" spinning for unique and fetishistic prizes. As local society columnist Maura Ryan put it, "Marcel Duchamp has my back." ...more

Varian Fry: Savior of Thousands (Including Duchamp)
posted: 08-19-10
New evidence reveals that American journalist Varian Fry, who went to Marseille in 1940 with "a checkbook and a list of 200 names," ended up saving some 4,000 people -- including the leading lights of the then-banned surrealist movement -- from the Nazi regime. Fry helped smuggle Chagall, ...more

'Twisted Pair' Show Ending With a Flourish
posted: 08-17-10
The highly lauded "Twisted Pair" Duchamp-Warhol retrospective at Pittsburgh's Warhol Museum will end on September 11-12 with a gala symposium of thoughts from scholars like Francis Naumann and Hal Foster and a recital of the music of Duchamp associate John Cage. Not to be missed. ...more

Rijksmuseum Celebrates Jacques Villon
posted: 08-16-10
Marcel Duchamp's brother Gaston, who painted under the name Jacques Villon, will be the subject of a special exhibition co-curated by the Amsterdamn Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Villon is best known as a neo-impressionist, but the exposure should put his work into a larger context. (Opening ...more

The Duchampian Rebus
posted: 08-12-10
Letter and word play is omnipresent in the Duchampian universe. From Rose Selavy and her noteworthy failure to sneeze to L.H.O.O.Q. and the Fresh Widow, Duchamp's titles occupy absurd, almost self-canceling linguistic spaces of their own. In the company of images and objects, they take on an even le ...more

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