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Another Look at VVV
posted: 08-11-10
The 1943 "VVV" portfolio of surrealist art and ideas, co-edited by Marcel Duchamp, is rightfully considered one of the highlights of the movement's New York period. An exhibition of images from that era -- currently at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art -- opens up the extremely limited edition (2 ...more

Uncomfortably Reverential?
posted: 08-09-10
The Boston-area DeCordova Sculpture Park has created an iPhone app that allows visitors to eavesdrop on pre-recorded auto-commentary on the pieces on display. Notably, the recorded critics found Ilan Averbuch's "Skirt and Pants (after Duchamp)" to be "uncomfortably reverential,&quo ...more

The Patron Saint of Readymades Strikes Again
posted: 08-05-10
Duchamp is invoked in reviews of Paris artist Claire Fontaine's new show in Miami's Museum of Contemporary Art. Like Duchamp, Fontaine enjoys the juxtaposition (and subtle manipulation) of everyday objects to create unique assemblies: stuffed tennis balls, bricks concealed in book jackets, coins wit ...more

Francesca Woodman and Marcel Duchamp
posted: 08-02-10
The Duchampian ghost hangs heavy over the work of photographer Francesca Woodman, who is often described as the visual arts' answer to Sylvia Plath. But if Plath needed an answer, then the persistence of mystery -- the infrathin sense that resolution is on the tip of the tongue or eye -- in Woodman' ...more

More from Christian Marclay
posted: 07-30-10
The New Republic notes that the work of "dilettante of near genius" Christian Marclay (currently at the Whitney Museum) is characterized by lightness deriving from the artist's admiration for Marcel Duchamp as both conceptual thinker and gamesman. Video demonstrates the similarities bette ...more

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