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The Bride Strips Bare
posted: 07-29-10
Despite lackluster notices, a current video retrospective at the Whitney Museum offers at least one highlight -- Hannah Wilkes' 1976 performance piece, "Through the Large Glass." The short video both literalizes Duchamp's seminal assemblage as Wilkes plays the role of the "Bride" ...more

'Another World' Show Not Different Enough?
posted: 07-27-10
The Surrealists appear to have lost their power to shock the Scottish press. Reviews of the ongoing retrospective at the Edinburgh Dean Gallery have wavered between bewilderment and boredom, with a few dutiful explanations of how the Dalis, Magrittes and Duchamps on display fit into modern art histo ...more

Active Art, Passive Entertainment?
posted: 07-26-10
Duchamp looms large over debates about the role of the observer in art. Is the observer a passive non-participant willing to sit back and be entertained by the work, or is he or she an active partner in the experience? Naturally Duchamp would opt for the latter approach -- even though it renders the ...more

The Bell & The Glass
posted: 07-25-10
Christian Marclay's video tribute to the Liberty Bell and Marcel Duchamp's Large Glass treats the one object like the musical instrument it was intended to be and the other as a species of musical score -- that is, as the visual representation and record of sound.  While critics are mixed, the ...more

The Stolen Exhibit
posted: 07-22-10
"The ECHO exhibit at the Albright-Knox is about appropriation—borrowing, stealing, ripping off and recycling—in art, and opens with the two modern era pathfinders of the practice, Marcel Duchamp from the first part of the 20th century, and Andy Warhol from the second. "Ar ...more

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